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Infrared Light Heating Therapy Lamp Electric Body Muscle Pain Relief Treatment US 110V

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  • Infrared physiotherapy lamp uses far infrared radiation, radiation and quickly generate heat after the power supply, and radiation to the human body infrared, far deeper parts of the band can make the local vessel expansion, enhance the blood circulation, improve tissue metabolism and nutrition status, enhance the immune function, strengthen the function of phagocyte and vascular permeability, is advantageous to the inflammatory exudate absorption. New family with physical therapy instrument for arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, rheumatoid arthritis, acute mastitis, stomach pain, bone hyperplasia, joint sprain and other diseases have assisted effect.

  • Features:

  • Activate the activity of biological macromolecules. Under the effect of infrared photons, makes the molecular level is triggered and outside of the organism in high vibration level, it will activate the activity of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acid protein, which play a biological macromolecules regulate the body's metabolism, activities such as immune function, is beneficial to the body function recovery and balance, to achieve the purpose of prevention and cure.

  • Promote and improve local and systemic blood circulation, infrared effects on skin, after most of the energy absorbed by the skin and is absorbed energy into heat energy, causes the skin temperature is high, stimulate the skin thermal love, through the thalamus reflex, smooth blood vessel relaxation, vascular expansion, the circulation of the blood., on the other hand, due to the effect of heat, causes the release of vascular active substances, reduce vascular tension, shallow small arteries, capillaries and shallow superficial vein expansion, accelerate the blood circulation, improving blood circulation.

  • Increase metabolism. If have taken place in the body's metabolism disorder, cause material of dysfunction in vivo and in vitro, then, would be about a variety of diseases, and caused great trouble to the body, such as water and electrolyte metabolism disorder, will bring danger to life;Diabetes caused by disorders of glucose metabolism;Hyperlipidemia and obesity caused by lipid metabolism disorder;Protein metabolism of gout. Through infrared thermal effect, can strengthen the cell vitality, adjust nerve humoral mechanisms, strengthen metabolism, make the body outside the material exchange in a state abbreviation.

  • Improve immune function, immune physiological protective reaction of a body, it includes cellular immunity and humoral immunity defense function and anti-infection effect of the two has an extremely important role.Through clinical observation, infrared does enhance the phagocytic function of macrophages, enhance the cellular immunity and humoral immunity function of the human body, which is beneficial to the health of the human body.

  • The infrared thermal effect reduces the excitability of the nerve.The improvement of blood circulation, edema, fade, reduce the chemical and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings, infrared thermal effect, increase the pain threshold, more than a variety of reasons, all have the effect of pain relief.

  • Health care: the infrared spectra of permeability is strong, deep heat skin, effectively improve the blood circulation, improve skin tissue, have hairdressing fitness effect. Is family, beauty salon, hospital, ideal physical therapy and beauty products.

  • Physical therapy: alleviating pain, rheumatism in the waist, sore throat, relieving arthritis, promoting wound healing.

How to use:

  1. Plug the power plug into the socket.

  2. Press the switch, and after the light is on, preheat for 2-3 minutes, aiming at the point or pain spot.

  3. The irradiation distance is about 10-20 cm.It is suitable for the skin of the affected area to be warm, not too close to prevent the skin from burning.


Optional Plugs: US, UK, EU

Color: White

Item Size: Lamp Head: Approx. 19.5cm / 7.7inch

           Bracket Length(Extended): Approx. 160.5cm / 63.2inch

           Base Diameter: Approx. 60.8cm / 24inch

Package Weight: Approx. 6900g

Item Type: Massage Lamp

Function: Increases blood circulation, Pain relief, Ease muscular pain, Back acne, Cervical spondylosis, Sciatica

Package Include:

1 x Infrared Light Heating Therapy Lamp

1 x Bulb


Do not use it on one body part over 30 minutes, for children, the irradiation time should be within 20 minutes.

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